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Who and what are we? We are the invincible, victorious, glorious and magnificent ones. Triumphant always; we are never defeated. Relentless, determined and driven; we will never give up!
The predominant ones, we were born to win. Our insatiable appetite for success means our success is inevitable. Why? Because we are triumphant always. Failure is not an option for us- ever.
We are the value creators. We create value for ourselves by creating value for others and we will create more value for ourselves by creating even more value for others.
Our goal is to motivate and to remind people of their infinite significance and of their ultimate power. We accomplish this through the use of powerful imagery, powerful words and powerful concepts.
We are here, and we have come to claim our birthright; our fame, our victory, our glory and our riches. We are the best that life has to offer and we embrace our greatness.
We will advance and enhance our mental, spiritual, physical, sexual and financial selves every day by exercising extreme effort over laziness and practicing honesty over BS.
The elite dominant alpha males. We dominate everything and Submit 2 None. We grow bolder every day and our confidence is not to be confused with arrogance. We only seek mastery over our selves.
In our pursuit of personal growth and excellence we become greater each day. We vow to be our very best in all aspects of our lives.
The clothes that we wear reflect the way that we see ourselves. This is why we wear "superior clothes for superior beings." We are 513. We are triumphant always. This is who we are. Join us.